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Odessa Apartments – The Best Choice for Foreign Travellers

Established in the year o1794, Odessa is one of the wealthiest and largest cities of Russia. The city was founded by Katherine the Second. The main purpose of establishing Odessa was to build a powerful seaport that would strengthen the southern borders of the Russian Empire. Since then the city has been a favorite destination for migrants and businessmen alike.
Today Odessa attracts merchants, migrants and leisure travellers from Asian as well as European countries. A good combination of pleasant climate, strategic location numerous sights makes Odessa a very popular destination in the world. The city is located at the Black Sea shore and serves home to more than a million inhabitants.

Apart from being an industrial city, Odessa is a beautiful resort with warm sea, sunny beaches which provide a unique way of spending your days out there. Several historical places allure a lot of vacationers to Odessa every year. The old buildings of the city display its architectural glory and buoyancy of distinct forms. On the other hand, wide streets of new areas of Odessa make each and every tourist feel the richness and wellness of living there.
It is often believed that the sun never sets in Odessa. The city receives abundance of sunny days each year. The abundance and softness of the Odessa climate makes it more popular among the vacationers. There are plenty of small yards within the city that showcase its own unique life. You can find people enjoying a special atmosphere.

The Black Sea is considered as the original regulator of the climactic conditions. It is the Black sea that weakens the severe heat during the summer months and even softens the chilly winter days, although it might be quite hot during July and August. A combination of steppe and sea climate, fine beaches, warm sea and a lot of sunny days and abundance of vegetables and fruits all create an exclusive condition for the tourism and strengthening the health of the people.
For the location and beauty, Odessa is often termed as the “pearl of the Black Sea”. Tourists coming to Odessa can easily find a lot of restaurants and hotels situated close to the seaside and in the historical center. If you prefer to rent a private apartment then you can find assistance from the real estate agencies that provide you with a nice apartment at a good price. In fact, Odessa apartments prove to be an ideal choice for corporate rentals, short term stays and vacation rentals.

Despite the availability of good hotels in the city, the total number of hotels is found to be limited. Moreover, Odessa hotels can be a bit expensive for people travelling on a budget, especially when it’s about paying for the drinks, food and other services. There are service charges for everything. According to some recent estimates, it appears that those people who visit Odessa and select to stay for an extended period of time choose Odessa apartments for rent instead of staying in a hotel.
As per statistics, the reasons behind choosing Odessa apartments for rent are plenty. First of all, the tariffs charged per night for staying in any one of the best hotels in Odessa can range somewhere around $50 per night to as much as $350 or so for a five-star hotel. As a matter of fact, a hotel stay in the city would be a real eye opener as you can experience the standard of service common in the three star establishments in the United States and United Kingdom to equal the one or two star hotels in Odessa. Now this is usually not what a tourist would prefer as per his or her agreeable standard.

Generally, a price for renting an Odessa flat reflects whether it consists of 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms as well as taking into account the standards of decor of every apartment. All apartments are usually categorized according to standard, economy and luxury. Economy units generally include all sorts of amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. Some of the amenities available in the fully furnished contemporary apartments in Odessa include fully stocked kitchen, air conditioning, satellite television, high speed internet, Jacuzzi, etc. A standard apartment includes cleaning service every week wherein your towels and bedding can be changed on a 7-day basis. Moreover, you can find internet access, refrigerator, hair dryer, cable television, etc. Odessa apartments generally provide new furniture and separate bedroom. Tourists traveling on a budget can choose economy unit, a studio or 1 bedroom. These apartments usually include telephone that allows you to make calls locally, bathroom with shower and other services that you can expect in a budget accommodation. Economy apartments offer a good value and you can find a no frill accommodation for rest after a long day of sightseeing tour.

Overall, luxury apartments also provide a lot of extras to take care of the different preferences and tastes of their guests. You can find Jacuzzi tubs and the convenience of making international calls from the telephone. Most apartments are spacious to accommodate more number of people to stay in comfortably without any kind of problem.

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