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Overview Of Odessa And Its Accommodation Facilities


Odessa is the chief seaport and is the 4th largest city in Ukraine. Situated on the shore of the Black Sea, it enjoys a wonderful position and is very well connected with the Russian cities as well as the entire Europe. Reach Odessa on the plane or on the train, everything is available. Flights from major cities of Russia Moscow and St. Petersburg land at Odessa International Airport. Trains from major Russian cities arrive to Odessa with passengers. Once you arrive at Russia, it is very easy to reach Odessa from any big city with interconnections in Moscow or Kiev.

“Odessa – Glavnaya” is the main train station where all the international and long-distance domestic trains arrive with passengers. The station is a little chaotic and you might not get signs written in English but there will be plenty of help available. Central Bus Station is located in 20 minutes from the train station. Buses from Odessa can take you to Moldova either through the Transnistria or through the direct right bank route. There are several domestic buses interconnecting the city and they are cheap. From Kiev you will get bus service at convenient times traveling back and forth from Odessa.

Ferry service to Istanbul is available at regular intervals from the Odessa harbor. When you take the ferry, be prepared to sail for around 42 hours. The famous passenger terminal- “Morvokzal” is situated below Primorsky Parkway. This can be reached through Potemkin Steps, which are extremely famous and run from the Duke de Richelieu monument.

The city has brilliant public transport facilities in the form of mini- buses, trolleybuses and trams. Trolley buses and trams are cheap and you can travel around comfortably. You can either pay the ticket price to the collector or to the driver directly. Mini buses are fondly known as ‘marshrutkas’ by the locals. These have brilliant connectivity inside the city and are cheap means of transport. You can drive your own car and the driving rules are not that stringent. Taxis are available at your doorstep whenever you call them.


Begin your sightseeing at Odessa from the old city itself. The city used to be a hub of art and architecture before the fall of Soviet Union. Post the fall the city has struggled to maintain the beauty. However, the city is secure for tourists. You will find many old buildings in this area. Opera House, beautiful and well maintained parks, a walk through Primorsky Boulevard and “Tyoschin” Bridge will make your day.

Take right from Opera House and arrive to Deribasovskaya Street which looks exquisitely beautiful during the evening. The other popular tourists’ attractions include museums like the Museum of Cinema, Museum of Western and Eastern Art, Literature Museum, Maritime Museum, Archaeology Museum, Pushkin Museum and Picture Gallery. Odessa Region Museum is also a famous one.

Around these museums you will find a lot of accommodation where you can stay comfortably. Odessa apartments for rent can also be found in and around the beaches which include Dolphin, Arcadia, Chkalovski, Lanzheron, Otrada and Malibu. Odessa is full of restaurants where you can savor the tastes of their delicacies and sip your favorite beverage. You can hang out at Club Palladium, Yo! or Captain Morgan for drinks.


Accommodation is not a problem as there are a lot of apartments in Odessa for rent. With tourists flocking in thousands every year, accommodation facilities have increased in the city providing tourists with a wide variety of options. Renting apartments in Odessa is a good way to stay in the city within a budget. It is not only cheaper to stay at an apartment but it also gives you lot of freedom regarding staying out for a prolonged time. Flats are spread out in good proportion and there is every possibility that you will get a high-quality one at your preferred locality. For instance, staying in Arcadia will mean an electrifying night life with its proximity to the night clubs.

Choosing apartments in Odessa

If you are visiting the city on business purpose, then you can take a flat in the historical center since most of the business organizations are located around that area. You will find quite a few refurbished apartments on the main Deribasovskaya St. and within 5-10 min walk from it. Apartments are particularly suitable for people traveling on business purpose since they do not keep track of time. Coming in and going out is easy for the business people. You will get all sorts of accommodation based on your budget. The prices are determined by the factors like number of rooms, location, available facilities. Hence, you can find an economy studio with basic facilities as well as a luxury high class apartment with Jacuzzi and satellite TV.

The apartment service providers bring you the best deal from which you can settle on the one that suits your requirements. According to your budget Odessa apartments offer all facilities for the convenience of guests. You can get a flat right from $50 to $250 per night. The luxury ones offer king size beds, High-Speed Wi-Fi Internet Access, Jacuzzi, Satellite TV with over 1000 channels. Ironing and laundry services are also obtainable. About 70% of tourists prefer staying in an apartment rather than in a hotels. They are provide more privacy and affordability, more comfort and safety. Staying in an apartment generally feel like a home away from home. They are exceptionally well organized.

Economy units are completed with a bathroom, kitchen, telephone (optional) and television. These are generally one room apartments. The price could be as low as $40-45 per night. Standard 1 bedroom apartments offer comfortable rooms with fully equipped kitchen and a lounge. Internet is also available. This kind of accommodation will cost between $60 and $80 per night. High class apartments are more elegant and chic and provide all modern amenities for a convenience of its guests. They have more than 1 bedroom along with a separate living area. The price may range from $90 to $250.

Usually an apartment has to be reserved beforehand and 1 night payment must be made in advance to confirm a reservation. Free airport transfer is available for all apartments on certain conditions. Both cash and credit cards are accepted.

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