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Two Advantages Of Odessa Apartments

Odessa is a beautiful city and a paradise for tourists. Many residents of neighbor regions as well as people from US and Europe wish to stay in Odessa and just enjoy the summer. It should be noted that Odessa apartments are in very high demand during a high season, both in the central area and outside, as a lot of people prefer to relax staying not at the tourist centers, but at the temporary place of residence in quiet areas. This feature makes apartments in Odessa so popular and desirable. The first thing you should focus on is the cost of rental.

The cost of accommodation is always a point of dispute when it comes to choosing a type of accommodation to stay at. It’s a well-known fact that Odessa is substantially a resort city; consequently the cost of rental housing in this region is quite high. This is inevitable considering all realities of tourism business. But comparing to hotels prices it’s not that much. At the same time, Odessa apartments for rent have a number of advantages. First advantage is the huge selection of floor space, ranging from tiny 25 sq.m studios suitable for 1-2 persons, to large residences with up to 200 sq.m total areas which can accommodate up to 8-10 friends traveling together or a big family. Each suggested unit has its own individual characteristics, so anyone who decided to visit this magnificent city can pick up a necessary accommodation according to his preferences.

Second advantage is a layout of premises and their location. It should be noted that most apartments are located in convenient places for visitors, within a few minutes walking from main city attractions. Another group of units are located along the seaside which in turn allows an unimpeded access to most popular beaches. Layouts are also quite diverse, from the simplest to the most complex which include many different elements. Getting back to prices of Odessa Ukraine apartments, it should be noted that the cost of housing in Odessa varies within a wide price range, from 45$ per night for little studio to 150-180$ per night for a sumptuous 3-4 bedroom residence. Prices are determined primarily by the level of comfort in the flat. Additional features such as Jacuzzi or satellite TV will increase a cost of accommodation. Though, despite its cost, Odessa apartments for rent can be a great haven for those wishing to take a short break from stressful working days and plunge into the atmosphere of a prevalent peace and bliss.

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