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13.04.2012-15.04.2012 night life brief announcement

“Palladium” Night Club:

13.04.2012, «Friday, 13th» party, Face-Art Show, Body-Art Show, Dj Shultz, Dj B.I.N., Dj Melloffon

14.04.2012, «Slim & Slovetskii» concert, first time in Odessa. Start at 18.00.
14.04.2012, «Palladium Sistaz The Best Of 2012!» DJ B.I.N., DJ Shultz, DJ Melloffon. Start at 22.00

«Factura» Night Club, 60, Rishelyevskaya St.

13.04.2012, «Hip-Rock Friday» party, World day of Rock’n'Roll, start at 22.00

“Zimniy” Night Club:

13.04.2012, «Cosmo Ladies» party, Start at 22.00.

14.04.2012, «Born in USSR» party, 22.00.

15.04.2012, «Born in USSR» party. 22.00

16.04.2012, «VIP Dressing Room» party. Non-stop of best Odessa DJs

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