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29.03.2012-01.04.2012 night life brief announcement

“Palladium” Night Club:

30.03.2012, Miss Travesty International 2012, Dj Shultz, Dj B.I.N., Dj Melloffon

31.03.2012, «Naked and Funny» party, DJ B.I.N., DJ Shultz, DJ Melloffon.

01.04.2012, NOIZE MC and others, 16.00-21.00

YO! Night Club:

29.03.2012, «I like dancing» party

30.03.2012, «Studvesna» party. DJ Maniak

31.03.2012, Lyapis-Trubetskoy band. Start at 20.00

01.04.2012, «Humour Day» party. DJ LifePassion, DJ Foil, DJ Slava Action, Dj Rojer, Afterparty: DJ Novichok

“Zimniy” Night Club:

30.03.2012, «Millenium Hits» party, Start at 22.00.

31.03.2012, «Hot Chocolate», 22.00.

01.04.2012, «Comedy Poker» party. 22.00

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