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Der Spiegel Talks About Ukrainian “Thugs and Crooks”

Leading mass media of Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany deeply criticized the situation with hotel prices in Ukraine for Euro 2012.Journalists quote the UEFA President Michel Platini, who said that reasons of that price rising are «thugs and crooks.» The basis for the sharp criticism was an article of one of the leading German publication Der Spiegel, in which they reveal the facts of broken contracts between hotels and tour operators, which give them a possibility to dramatically increase prices.

In particular, the article describes as «criminals with truncheons and shields stormed several hotels in Kiev during the last few weeks in order to take further control on them.” «As a result, all contracts for fourteen thousand rooms that were previously made between those hotels and German travel company TUI were broken. After that prices of hotels were significantly raised, «- the article says. In this regard the publication quoted Platini: «Aa lot of money has been invested, but since thugs and crooks want to earn lots of money in the championship, we will have to tell people (meaning fans) that they can’t come», — said the president of UEFA.

The publication states that at the moment it is almost impossible to find an accommodation without the mediation of travel agencies. «Some sites offer a night for 450 euro which is the usual month’s rent.» Der Spiegel says that it contacted with employees of TUI agency who said they do not intend to go to court because of broken contracts. «The chances of success are very small because of the corruption of Ukrainian courts», -says the publication.The newspaper claims that now the expected number of fans who will come to Ukraine will be corrected. “Nepotism and corruption have led to the fact that stadiums prices are too high,and the highways are not ready in time «- writes Der Spiegel.

In the Netherlands the article was the subject of discussion at a leading national television channel NOS. In addition, hotels prices were discussed twice in a news release with a direct telephone connection from Ukraine. Similar information has been distributed in one of the leading newspapers in Belgium.

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