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Odessa has a unique place where it is always fun, enchanting, where you can always hear music, where you can relax at the European level. This is Arcadia — sunny Black Sea beaches and clubbing mecca of Ukraine.
There are cities with beaches in Ukraine, there are also good clubs, but only in Arcadia you can find more than a dozen clubs in different level and style, top-notch restaurants and cheap cafes concentrated at one place. Often you can hear and see world stars among performers and vacationers.

But despite the histrionics of some clubs, even students which almost spent their scholarship can rest in Arcadia. A student can buy a beer with a hot dog at a kiosk or on a tray since there are a few of them there, and go to the beach, the music can be heard there – in Arcadia it’s everywhere. If you are not restricted with money, then why not order a VIP couch at «Ibiza», «Paradise», «Plaza beach club» or «Ithaca.»

In summer you can go for a walk for 24 hours — day rest at the beach smoothly move into the club party, and to be on the party you can even not to move from the beach. Some clubs have their own beach area with romantic bungalows, swimming pools and water slides. After a stormy party in Arcadia clubs, lying in a chaise longue and looking at the sunrise you might think that you are lying somewhere in the European resort. So it is!
Arcadia can be easily reached by a taxi from any Odessa apartments in 20-25 min.

If you want to see this and many other tourist attractions, please, don’t hesitate to book one of our apartments in Odessa.

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