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Duc de Richelieu Monument

Duс de Richelieu participated in the storming of Izmail, and five years later settled in Russia for a long time. In 1803, Richelieu became governor-general of Odessa. Odessans called him «our Duke» and considered to be the founder of the city, although by that time Odessa was 8 years old. Through the efforts of the new mayor the city became a major trading port. When the Bourbons returned to the throne, Duke went to France, where he became prime minister in the government of Louis XVIII. He died on May 16, 1822 at the age of 56 years in Paris of a brain hemorrhage.

History of creation

Having received the sad news from Paris, Count Langeron appealed to the people to start collecting funds for the construction of the monument of Richelieu. Count M. Vorontsov who took the post of Odessa governor-general in May 1823, ordered a monument to the famous sculptor I. Martos . The monument became one of the latest creations of the great Russian master. The monument is a bronze statue of Richelieu in a Roman toga with a short Roman sword, and three brass alto-relievos representing agriculture, commerce and justice. The monument was laid on June 30, 1827. The sculpture and alto-relievos cast in bronze by casting expert V.P Ekimov in St. Petersburg. The pedestal was made by outstanding Petersburg architects A.I Melnikov and F.K Boffo. The monument designed in a classical style, it corresponds a bronze statue of Richelieu posed on a pedestal. The dimension of the statue is just a bit larger than real. Square pedestal with a cornice made of pink polished granite was finished by master P. Gerard. The socle of pedestal is a stylobate made of local limestone with four steps made of granite, and has a shape of a truncated pyramid.

On facets of the pedestal in rectangular niches there are flagstones and alto-relievos. On the facade there is a gilded brass plate with an inscription, on two sides — the bronze high relief images. The inscription on the facade plate: TO DUKE EMMANUEL DE RICHELIEU WHO GOVERNED NOVOROSSIYSK REGION SINCE 1803 TO 1814 AND INITIATED THE FOUNDATION OF ODESSA WELFARE. GRATEFUL TO HIS UNFORGETTABLE WORKS INHABITANT OF ALL CLASSES OF THIS CITY AND PROVINCES OF KHERSON, TAVRIA AND EKATERINISLAV RAISED THIS MONUMENT IN 1826 UNDER THE NOVOROSSIYSK GOVERNOR-GENERAL COUNT VORONTSOV.

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