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Odessa catacombs

Odessa Catacombs is a fantastic labyrinth located underneath Odessa and its surroundings. The total length of the Odessa catacombs is estimated at 2,500 kilometers, and their origination dates back to XIX — early XX centuries. Odessa Catacombs keep a lot of unique historical and geological attractions, the atmosphere of a grand labyrinth, the largest in the world, is incomparable with anything else.»Odessa Catacombs» is a traditional name of the underground labyrinth located under Odessa. The catacombs consist of several types of underground cavities, sometimes closely linked. Mainly they’re underground quarries where building stones were quarried, the limestones. Quarries form approximately 95-97% of the total length of the maze of Odessa catacombs. In addition to quarries there are horizontal and vertical exploratory mining, military bunkers, underground tunnels, drainage tunnels, cellars for various purposes (often referred to as «mine»), rainfall sewer tunnels, water wells, cisterns, natural limestone caves, and more. All those caves connected in various combinations with each other form Odessa Catacombs.

The oldest part of Odessa catacombs is karst caves formed about 3.7 million years ago. The age of those caves was calculated recently based on the paleontological method of geochronology. Other types of underground cavities were formed much later, approximately at the beginning of the nineteenth century. At that time limestones extraction began and first cellars and underground passages were created. With the lapse of time the number of underground cavities and their types increased rapidly, reaching a peak at the beginning of XX century.
At present time Odessa Catacombs with their tangle of caves are among the most complicated in the world with estimated total length of 2,500 kilometers. This figure is calculated approximately, detailed information is available about 1,700 kilometers of underground cavities. For comparison, the length of t Roman catacombs is 300 km, Paris catacombs – 500 km.

Odessa Catacombs are also interesting from contemplative and aesthetic sides. View of grandiose landslides, mysterious intersections and galleries hardly leaves anyone indifferent. Picturesque scenery and subterranean landscapes are unlikely to be found anywhere else. Therefore Odessa catacombs attract many creative and unconventional thinkers, many fans of extraordinary things.Until now Odessa catacombs are full of mysteries. Experts studying Odessa catacombs find new sections of caves, even new underground areas. Due to its size Odessa Catacombs are an inexhaustible fount of something unusual and surprising.

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