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Odessa Passage

It was the end of XIX century, the threshold XX century. Steam machines and mechanisms have reached their perfection. The mechanics is dominating. People melt metal. Steam locomotives are furrowing an earth surfaces, steam ships are ploughing the oceans. The first car has gone its first miles, the first airplane has made its first flight. First signals are received by radio. First electric light bulbs light up. The telegraph linked different continents. Less than in 10 years the North Pole will be subjugated. All these human achievements were reflected in the architecture, specifically, in ‘Passage’ building.

The ‘Passage’ building was built in 1899 by architect L.L. Vlodeka just for two years. Sculptural groups of the building were created by sculptor S. Milman and T. Fishel. The construction started in 1898, and completely finished in 1899. Given that the building has four floors it was an amazingly fast pace. The building was opened in 1899 and was used as a hotel and shopping center over the time of its existence.

‘Passage’ is among the most beautiful buildings in central Odessa which amaze people with its exquisite architecture and sculptures. It has a row of luxury shops inside. High glass roof enhances a perception of vast space and brings natural light into the building. The interior of «Passage» is a typical Odessa’s combination of external and internal components. How many generations of people exclaimed rapturously «Ah!» when they first entered to the glazed arch!

Architecture and profile of ‘Passage’ — a hotel with retail shops, are currently kept in their original form and recorded in the register of national architectural monuments.

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