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Potemkin stairs

Potemkin Stairs is the same symbol for Odessa as the Houses of Parliament for London or Eiffel Tower for Paris. This is a real phenomenon for Odessa and the world.
The Boulevard and the Boulevard (later — Giant) Stairs set up in 1837 — 1841′s, and became known as the Potemkin in 1905 in honor of a revolutionary rebellion of 1905 on the battleship «Potemkin». Thanks to the great movie of Sergei Ezeynshteyn «Battleship Potemkin» Odessa staircase became globally famous movie star.

Potemkin Stairs is unique in all aspects. For example, in mathematics: it is the largest stairs in Ukraine with 142 m length and 24 m height. There is another «special effect»: when you look at the stairs from the top to down, it … not narrowed in spite of all optics laws. Cheating? Not at all! The builders purposely made the lower span wider than upper (21.7 and 13.4 m respectively). Finally, the third paradox of Odessa Potemkin stairs — with a fixed number of steps (192) the way down seems to be considerably shorter than the way up! Unbelievable? Check it up — count steps and note the time and pulse. Cant to dare? In this case use the modern cable car with a stylish look which goes along the stairs!

Initially, Potemkin Stairs had 200 steps, and seemed to connect two blue elements — the sky and the sea. At present time there is a street between the last rung of the stairs and the sea, but instead the audience acquired a great view of the seaport. An opposite view bottom up, from the sea and the foot of the stairs to the Duс de Richelieu monument is genuine, historical. It was planned and created by famous architect Boffo in 1837-1841.

… You have managed climbing up the Potemkin stairs, and Duc de Richelieu is greeting you personally? It’s a miracle, isn’t it?!

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