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Shah palace

This magnificent palace designed as a Gothic castle was built for Polish magnate Zeno Brzhozovsky in the middle of the XIX century by famous Odessa architect F.W. Gonsiorovsky. Raised over a steep cliff, it looks like a medieval English castle, unassailable towers, lancet arches repeat architectural models of early English Gothic.According to author concept, the palace estate had to make the greatest impression from the sea, as the sea front of Odessa at that time was virtually designed.The palace is shaped in form of the «Г» letter and consists of two buildings: the eastern, and northern which oriented to the sea. East part of the palace is shielded from the street with a metal railing. Dumb wall of the adjacent building and palace wall together form a «Г»-shaped semi-closed bailey. Some time ago it could be accessible through a monumental arch with a wicket reminding fortress lift bridge. In the western part the bailey has two-storey building with passages to inner courtyards, at the entrance of the palace there is a picturesque fountain.

Since the construction and up to 80th of XIX century the palace belonged to Brzhozovsky family, and then became the property of another Polish aristocrat, Count Shenbek.
The name «Shah» and a specific oriental colouring the palace acquired in 1909 when during a revolution in Persia the Shah of Iran Mohammed Ali was deposed from the throne and fled to Odessa. Disgraced shah rented this beautiful palace on the seaside steep.

With the lapse of time the architectural appearance of the building has not undergone significant changes, but as a result of repairs and alterations almost all internal interiors, such as marble fireplaces, parquet floors and tileworks have been lost. Due to improper drainage system an outdoor decor has also been lost.

At the present time the completely restored building of «Shah Palace» is occupied by the head office of one of the leading Ukrainian bank – “Marfin Bank”, a part of European financial group “Marfin Popular Bank”.

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