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Vorontsov palace

The Vorontsov’s Palace was built between 1827 and 1830 on the northern edge of the seaside hill in a place where former Turkish fortress Hadzhibey was located. A historian N.A. Murzakevich in his book “Odessa antiquity” wrote: «At the western end of the present Nicholas Avenue, where a little cottage of Kulikovsky landowner was, Count Vorontsov has built a magnificent house». Constructed in the Empire style by the famous architect F. Boffo, the building became one of the most remarkable places in Odessa for decades.

The Palace is visually consists of a combination of direct and curved components. The architect used the contrast between the big blind smooth surfaces and colonnades. Luxurious interiors designed by the famous sculptor and painter Charles Scotti were made with a techniques of romanticism. The interiors of the palace are the best examples of surviving interiors of Odessa era of Empire.

In 1837 a famous poet V.A. Zhukovsky visited the palace, after that he made a laconic note in his diary: ”August, 28. Walking through the city. View of Count Vorontsov’s house, Greenhouses, Medal cabinet, a library.” He talked about a rich Vorontsov’s library which were used by A. Pushkin before it took a dedicated room in the newly built palace. Later the book collection was presented to the local university under the title of “Vorontsov fund “ where is kept to present days.

At present time the palace is only the front part of the original complex, the least valuable part of the structure. Large part of the Palace was destroyed on April, 10, 1854, during the Crimean war 1853—1856.

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