Using your own cell phone in Ukraine can be quite expensive as roaming charge is very high. Also bear in mind that you pay for both outgoing and incoming calls. ODESSA BEST APARTMENTS suggests 2 options:

a) you can rent a cell phone for $3 per day. This include cell phone, charger and SIM card with local number. Credit scrath cards from $5 can be purchased from the many street vendors. Deposit for the phone is $50 which will be returned at the end of the rental period.

b) We can provide you with a SIM Card package which includes SIM card with local phone number and 10 Hrivnas of credit. You may request this in advance and we will email you reserved phone number. If you choose this option please ascertain that your phone supports a change of SIM Card. Fee for this service is $20.

The cost of all incoming calls is free of charge. The cost of outcoming calls from the cellphone is about $0.20 per minute if you»re calling to any Ukrainian phone number or Ukrainian cellphone. International phone calls cost depend on the country you»re going to call to.